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Lorenzo’s R8 – Savoir Vivre

Take a second to imagine this; beating sunshine, blue skies, lakes, mountains and twisty roads. You’re in Wörthersee with RollHard right now…

Step forward Lorenzo Schiesari and his Audi R8. This car just fits in around here.

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Wörthersee Part 1.

“What is Worthersee? What is it all about? What actually happens at Worthersee? These are questions that you can sometimes find hard to answer. On paper the idea of it sounds great, loads of cars driving around a lake. But it’s just not that. For the past 40 years VW has descended on the beautiful area to showcase their latest cars to the public. As of late they have used it to show off crazy concepts. Remember back to 2007 and that crazy W12 Mk5 golf they built in 8 weeks just for the weekend? Or back to last years Design Vision GTI concept, then to this years crazy GTI roadster Concept that’s be designed to be used in Gran Turismo 6. This all sounds good but this is actually the end for the Worthersee experience. The three weeks leading up to that weekend is were a lot of the fun happens. People from all across Europe drive down and literally take over the lake. You even get a few American’s fly across the pond or the odd man who drives all the way from Russia to experience this trip.

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It just ‘Works’

Josh’s Mk1 is one I have been wanting to do a feature on for a while. I have followed the car over a few years now, from the early days of the local VW meets to what you see before you.

Throughout that time there has been changes, and the most obvious of which is the addition of his Work wheels.

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Boy hood dream.

Here we have Andrew’s Porsche 964.

Andrew’s story starts like pretty much every one of us who loves cars. As a boy his bedroom walls were covered in car posters, and more importantly posters of Porsche’s. And like with the majority of posters we chose to put on our walls as kids, most of them were just a dream.

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